Web design: There is no second chance for the first impression

You probably heard of the saying in the title and already realized the truth that it holds. Whether you apply it to the real or the online world, is the same, because outer appearance always matters. But there is far more to the first impression than the plain look. The so-called inner values are having a vast influence, too.

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Successful pages make ‘sense’

Do you remember, how Steve Jobs and Apple – and many others, too – showed us how it is done correctly and how they changed and impressed a whole generation with their work and appearance. Steve Jobs proved to the people that appearance is worth nothing – not until the overall design makes ‘sense’.

This small example emphasizes the fact that a great design is not optional, but rather essential for the survival of a page.

Let us take a step further. A human being subconsciously creates a first impression of another human already in the first seconds they meet. Accordingly the users on your page just needs about 50 milliseconds to not only get a first impression of it, but also realize whether the design makes ‘sense’ or not. This was proven by a study in the US.

Some of you might think ‘Whatever, this is probably just a matter of taste.’ – that, we do not agree with, because a great design is always more than just a ‘matter if taste’.

Invite your users in to staying on the web page with an appealing page design

A restaurant, which is furnished cozy, warm and inviting will naturally attract more visitors than a cold and cheap-looking restaurant, which is located in the midst of nowhere. And in this case the World Wide Web works similar to the real world. Whether you look at the comparison of the two restaurants or of something else, or not, it is a fact that only an attractive and great web design will convince visitors to stay on a page.

This is where the power of curiosity, which should not be underestimated, is used at the same time. Generally, people are getting bombed with advertisement and similar, therefore it is very important to keep their curiosity in your page up. If you are able to design your web site modern and exceptional it will draw their attention and interest. Without doubt, you a have already encountered a situation, where you were browsing the web and thought ‘Wow, what a great and appealing design! What do they do here? Ah, I see, what they do! Web Design!’.

Successful marketing with a successful page design

Speaking of page design. We know from our experience that a page with a good design obviously attracts more users and therefore is also constituting another way of online marketing.

An excellent design is not solely build on integrity and trust, furthermore it radiates quality, passion for detail, modernity, competence, technological progress and even more. These and some more factors form the label, the branding, and the page! Moreover a favorable design can help your business to get noticed better between all the competition and that provides a further competitive advantage. It is well-known that the experienced internet users developed an unerring eye for design and therefore they use it to judge about quality of the product or service or even the company behind the page.

That means you can set your company apart from the others and create the illusion of ‘greatness’ ab initio.

Superb web design does not need to be expensive

Perhaps you already obtain one or another offer for a good web design. But did you know that a good web design does not have to be expensive? A more affordable alternative are the WordPress themes which are high quality and easily editable solutions. However, even individually created web designs are more economical. If you wish for more traffic and trust, you should not give your money away unnecessarily, but rather rely on professionals.

Prices for the development of a web page

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