Online Marketing: a vital part in every marketing campaign and for success

Online Marketing is actually a small part of the classic company marketing. But despite the fact that it is only representing a minor part of it, there is no denial that the importance of this marketing strategy is increasing swiftly.

Online marketing services of the KHT Media GmbH

  • We ensure relevant backlinks to you company page
  • We establish and install online networks for you
  • We take care of more users and even more traffic
  • We monitor and control all important operating numbers of your web appearance

The competition on the internet never sleeps

Commonly our customer state in our conversations that their customers find them through recommendations, hence through verbal propaganda – so wherefore do they even need a web site or online marketing?
Certainly, not being present on the internet, does not mean not being present to any customers at all. This is how it works: the employees of your rivals have to sleep sometimes and they probably do that at the same time as yours. However, the competition on the internet never sleeps. Everywhere on the planet new innovations are being promoted, marketed and advertised online at all times. There is no excuse for a company for not having a professional online presence, nowadays. If you do not sell, there is always someone else who does. Keep that in mind.

That is why online marketing is important

The internet has become more and more important regarding the acquisition of information, because it is always available and it contains an incredibly amount of information. Moreover the internet has also become an important tool when it comes to purchase decisions. Around 50% of the consumers inform themselves through the internet about prices and alternatives. Even if they won’t buy them online, the research was done online.

And that is precisely the reason why online marketing gains more and more value and a great example is the so-called E-commerce. Since online shops developed vigorously in the past few years, it is not impossible to imagine the internet without them.

However, how do you find a decent and appealing internet presence?
The good-looking and attractive web page is just the first step to success. Because even the best page design does not help if no one can find you in the depths of the internet. That is why internet advertisement and marketing is essential!

How can the visitor numbers be increased?

There are versatile methods, like banners, E-Mail ads, Pop Ups, news releases and much more. All of them can be useful tools to generate more visitors for you web page and they are counted to the so-called affiliate-programs. Special programs can determine which kind of marketing promises the best results. A huge advantage over usual marketing strategies is that the loss due to spreading is relatively low, meaning when just several people are reached by the ads, while the rest is not even interested. This kind of internet advertisement does not have anything in common with the one which aims for the right potential customers!
That is why we specialized ourselves on another method which is far more effective in populating your web appearance: the Search Engine Optimization. With several tricks the internet page is raised on the search engine ranking to higher placements, implying the webpage gets more attention. In this case the loss by spreading is slight, too, because potential customers are searching for a specific topic and your page deals with exactly this topic.

You can see online marketing is growing as quickly as the internet itself and thus is also being more on more important. It is no secret that the number of users in the internet is increasing steadily, due to e.g. smartphones and tablets, which made the mobile internet and the chance to access the internet from almost every place on the earth possible. All that makes it inevitable to possess an appealing internet appearance and perfect online marketing to reach your customers!
Remember what they say again: the biggest fishes are caught in the (inter)net.

Prices for online marketing

Our online marketing services are offered starting from 200 Euros /Franc per month. This price is even for small and medium sized businesses affordable. To swiftly get results, we recommend a budget of about 500.

For more information call us: 0041 41 511 48 41, write us a mail to or use the contact form below.

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