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A simple, clear and appealing design. This website leaves almost nothing to be desired.  At first the page may look like it is kind of overcrowded, but you have everything important at the first glance and intuitively know how to navigate through the site to find what you are looking for. And corresponding to the content, the design delivers the necessary seriousness and expertise. Most important, the page is fully responsive! Meaning it can adapt to almost every mobile and stationary device that accesses the internet.

Even economy needs an appealing web page

The web page wirtschaft.com (“Wirtschaft”, German for: economy) is just one of many examples that shows that everyone needs a page and that there are many reasons to have a page, but almost none for not having one. But simply having a web site is not nearly enough to succeed. To get users to visit and keep their interest in a page that deals with a topic, which is (let’s be honest here) as barren as economy, you need a page with an outstanding design and smart and professionally written content.

wirtschaft.com: Intuitive page layout

Due to the smart, but simple navigation and the arrangement of the content into columns according to importance and value they hold for the user, the usage becomes self-explaining. The user does not have to think about what a certain part of the page does or where he can find favoured or requested content or articles.

Modern eye-tracking studies have proven that there is so-called F-pattern recognizable in the browsing behaviour of users. People almost always favour the first row and the left side of the screen. We stuck with these results and positioned the navigation at the top and the latest and probably most popular news as shortened headings on the left side of the screen. Thus the user can either navigate directly to his desired destination or see something that perhaps will wake his curiosity. If the navigation can’t help him, he will probably look for a search form. Therefore we positioned it at the top right corner, the position where the user will look at right after the navigation bar. And if he does not want to do either one, his eyes will follow the pattern mentioned above and will find the main column and content: the latest economy news.

All these measurements assure simplicity and an intuitive usage of a page, and provides assurance of minimal effort.

Integrating the mobile users to the business

In March 2015 the number of mobile-only users exceeded the one of the desktop-only users in the United States. This development can be observed in almost every other first-world country. That is why it would be simply foolish to ignore people who access the internet through a smartphone or tablet.

We made sure that users from every device can easily and hassle-free access and use the page. For that we made the page fully responsive. Meaning, it adapts to the height and width of the device that it is displayed on and adjusts the position and length of the content, to fit it on the screen. You can see that kind of behaviour if you look at the wirtschaft.com page on your desktop browser and squeeze the browser to a smaller and smaller view. The left bar pops under the main content, the navigation bar gets compressed to a mobile friendly menu and the general font sizes, picture sizes and others shrink. In the end it does not matter which device is being used. We have created on page that rules them all!

Customized and valuable content

A page that deals with the latest news of the national and international economy, probably targets to attract economists and entrepreneurs. This audience is probably familiar with a high-level and factual language, which overflows with facts, numbers and other important, technical information. That is why we relied on professionals, who recognize subject-specific and regional linguistic customs.
In the end content is almost as important as the page design. With smart press releases and interesting articles about current events in the economy, displayed on an appealing and self-explaining layout, a constant and relevant user base is assured.

For additional information about the web developers behind this page call us under 0041 41 511 48 41, write us a mail to info@k.ht or use the contact form from below.

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