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Certainly everyone had once before to develop his own app. But often only the thought remains “how cool it would be if there was the app xy..” But not we! We are going one step further – we’re serious about developing mobile apps.

Now you will thing, how such an development process looks like. Definitely – in the beginning there is always an idea! Of course anyone can turn an idea into an app. But if it comes to a really successful app, then it requires much more than just the idea to program the idea.

To be successful there is a battle plan needed. That means, every App project, small or big needs a perfect preparation, before you can start to program the app. Many Customers are surprised, that the development already in a complex project started, long before even a single code line is written.

Apps – a solid and important part of every Business Communication

Apps, they are an integral and important part of every Business Communication strategy. When it comes to develop apps, you should rely on for professional Developer. We have been active since many years and in this time we developed successfully apps for operating System like

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows 10 and
  • Windows Phone 10.

Get the complete package from us!

Economical & effective

At the moment, when it comes to develop an app, it is important, that the app comes with very little effort for all devices and various systems and it is also significant that the support is given during the app lifecycle. Because it is hardly advantageous in terms of cost, that for each platform a separate code has to be created. Exactly here comes the native cross-platform “projects” in the view, which is based on an app framework.

We as developer have access to a pool of (native) functions, which are all completed. We adapt this functions to your wishes and requirements, which gives your app a very individual look. By doing so, your benefit from big cost saving and all over, it is possible to implement your project faster. In addition, you benefit also from a much better quality, because every module is tried-and-tested.

When it comes to the development of such frameworks, a high level of technical knowledge is required and at the same time also certain practical knowledge.

Never let boredom arise!

Do you know, that every application, that is successful contains a playful element? So it is possible, to achieve an unexpectedly high user motivation while using game design principles or game mechanics in a non-game application. But you achieve also a corresponding customer loyalty, data quality and ROI. This means, that this is not just to implement an existing process on a small Smartphone Display, but rather about having a tailor made app, which addressed the target group and their behavioral.

What can we do for you?

All mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones are not longer a trend phenomenon, but they have already taken over a long period of time a permanent place in the everyday lives. We will help you to figure out, which app is the right one for you and your costumers. We will also find out, how it is possible to integrate existing processes more profitably. Afterwards we develop the suitable ideas and concepts tor realize your project.

In doing so, we ensure, that you will receive an app from the start up, that will help you to achieve your targets and possible shoot beyond them.

What more do we offer?

Testing & quality assurance

Even in the development phase, individual components and the entire app are repeatedly tested. Usually takes the testing place from the end user’s point of view. By doing so, we ensure that potential weaknesses in the user guidance, functionality or stability can be identified and in early stage remedied.


After the app is placed in the store, our work is not completed. We support you and your app also in the further development an manage the entire Lifetime process (OS update, support, etc.)


Whether craft Business, medium-sized companies or corporations – for many companies an app belongs to their communication strategy. But here it is not the motto “To be a part of it” the right way. All what counts are the development and use of an app, which should be well-thought-out. Only in the case, there is an use for a app, we recommend the development. You can be assured that we accompany you from the beginning in this process.

The rates for App Development

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