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As you may already know, a site may have a high-quality link pointing towards it, which increases its trustworthiness. Or it could have a lot of links that are spam. However, Majestic decided to create trust flow, which gets used to measure the overall volume of links.

If you want to check your trust flow, you have to do is visit the Majestic site. And plug in the URL of the site you want to analyze. To get accurate data, use a fresh index since Majestic updates this daily to ensure their data is reliable.

Once you load up the metric, you get to see a measurement of Citation and Trust flow at the top. You will also see various external backlinks, referring IPs, referring domains, and referring subnets. You will also see a graph with the X and Y axis where your backlinks show up on a chart. Everything is self-explanatory.

Besides, you may check several sites using the Majestic extensions for both Firefox and Chrome. You can click through to more detailed analytics on the limited version of the data shown by Majestic. To compare more sites at a go, you can use third-party tools to pull data.

A good trust flow score

Now you might be wondering about trust flow scores and how to identify a good one. Let’s discuss.

The majority of SEOs consider websites with a trust flow of under 15 as untrustworthy ones. However, take this with a grain of salt. Once reliable metric to use should be the number of keywords a site ranks for and the traffic generated by the same.

You may also use tools that will help you find estimates of the amount of organic traffic a site gets.

Using trust flow

One way that many use the trust flow measurement is as an indicator of success. As mentioned above, trust flow is a proven metric that measures a site’s quality, performance, and relevance correlating to search engine ranking.

That means that any action that improves your trust flow will most likely improve your search engine ranking.

Also, you can rely on it for competitive intelligence gathering by coming up with a keyword you want to rank for and search and export the results to a file. Then, you need to copy the URLs from the file and go to Majestic.

You go to tools, then click on the link map tools and the bulk backlink analysis. Then, ensure to paste your URLs and click to download data. If there’s any data you do not need for comparison, you can delete it and create a filter that will sort out your data according to relevance. Finally, you can order the data by Trust flow, and you will find a list of the most relevant links. That gives you a list of targets you need to look into and gives you ideas on link acquisition.

Thirdly, you may use trust flow to assist in recovering from a link penalty. When your trust flow is low, it means that your links are not doing any for you. So, you need to run your site through Majestic for your link’s analysis. Then, find that which is irrelevant and any that has a score of 10 and below. Again, follow a process that will help you remove these links, whether you need disapproval, desist letter, and so on.

Another way you can use trust flow is for link processing. Whenever you find the chance to submit your site to a directory or guest post, you need to have the link pass through Majestic.

You use Majestic for boosting trust flow. Since trust flow is one of the best indicators of search engine success, you want to ensure that you increase it. And you can do this by building authoritative backlinks. Remember, majestic is accurate.

Increasing trust flow

If you’re trying to increase your trust flow, you want to rank your site. Even though raising your trust flow score may not increase your search rank and vice versa, here is how you go about improving your trust flow: getting links from sites that have a high trust flow. And all these can be achieved through guest posting. Use this sparingly since using the guest posting in excess may lead to Google penalization.

You need to also focus on getting links from sites such as .edu. And get those that are related to your specific niche. Remember, Majestic has a topic trust flow, plus its overall site’s trust flow. Always choose quality links and not quantity ones.

To reviews your site’s Trust flow, you need to visit Majestic’s SEO backlink checker. You will get demos on how to navigate the same by performing a free search on its homepage. As noted above, tracking your domain’s Trust flow will help determine your site’s perceived trust. And your overall SEO strategy’s efficacies.

Other ways you can use this metric to improve your site’s trustworthiness include:

Analyzing your competition

An analysis of your competitive backlink analysis will reveal high-priority keyword-focused topics that you will need to use in your content marketing strategy. Trust flow will help you determine areas where you will compete with other sites in your niche. That can be particularly helpful.

Evaluate other link building opportunities

If a reliable site is willing to link with your competitors, they might also want to link your domain. That will help you focus more on your link-building efforts on target sites that will not affect your trust flow’s domain. These leads will help you channel your link-building efforts on target sites that will not affect your domain’s trust flow.

Maintain your topical relevance

To gain better visibility and authority in high-priority queries, you need to focus on your target audience. It is crucial that your content is keyword-focused and does not deviate from your sole focus.

Evaluating your trust flow will help ensure that you stay on track.

Spot and identify toxic backlinks

As mentioned above, if you notice links from domains with a trust flow of less than 10, it may be due to a competitor conducting negative SEO. Be on the lookout for toxic backlinks since they may be impacting your domain’s trust flow.

Use the relevant tools to clean these or ask owners to get rid of toxic links. That will help you achieve a more trustworthy reputation than your crafty competitors.

Final thoughts

You can rely on majestic trust flow metrics to gauge the strength and relevance of your website backlink profile. And use the same for link building. The perks of trust flow cannot get understated.


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