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Abbreviated as DA, Domain Authority is a ranking metric used to predict how well your site ranks on search engines.

Domain Authority was created by Moz and gives scores ranging from 1-100, which we shall expound on as you continue reading this post. But basically, if your website ranks high, it means that you have a better chance of doing well on SERPs (search engine page results.)

Another way to look at Domain Authority is it highlights your site’s relevance according to t your specific topic or industry. You get to see your Domain’s Authority or strength based on rankings. People tend to confuse page authority and domain authority. However, the two vary in that the latter shows the strength of your domains and subdomains. The former focuses on individual pages ranking ability.

Why do links matter?

As mentioned above, Domain Authority has scores ranging from 1-100. And higher scores show the website’s ability to rank higher. For a new site, your Domain Authority score is always one. For this reason, you need to pay keen attention between the links and Domain Authority. That is because high-quality ones will help you seem credible. Also, low-quality ones will have you penalized by Google, which you want to avoid at all costs.

How you rate a good Domain Authority

There are plenty of factors that apply when calculating Domain Authority. And you should note that it is much effortless to improve your website’s Domain Authority if it is between 20-30 than from 70-80. To consider what good domain authority is, the ranges you need to understand include:

  • Above 80 is excellent
  • 60-70 is very good
  • 50-60 is good
  • 40-50 is average
  • 30-40 is below average
  • Below 30 is poor

How to calculate domain authority

To calculate Domain Authority, you need to evaluate several factors. These include linking the total number of links and the root domains into a single Domain Authority score. The score can then get used when tracking the strength of your ranking or when comparing websites over time.

Calculating Domains Authority score stems from machine algorithms predictions about the frequency with which Google uses the domain in its search results.

You can also use MozRank, which counts the number of websites linking to your web page, link profile, root domains, Moz Trust, and consider achieving high Domain Authority through user-friendliness and site structure of your website.

Ways to influence your Domain Authority

Influencing your domain authority entails focusing on your SEO technique and links. It may look seamless at the surface, but you need to take your time to consider the following:

  1. Internal links

To strengthen your Domain Authority, you need to consider linking one page to another inside your website. Internal links will help boost your Google PageRank since it crawls your site. Note that if you link your pages internally related by theme or topic, your users will have a seamless time navigating through your site.

  1. Good links

Also, consider having good links. And one of the surest ways to achieve this is by ensuring your site has fresh content, is attractive, and adds value. Whatever message you intend to pass across, it needs to be value-adding and not hard to sell.

Answering visitor’s concerns and addressing their pain points will give you gain more traffic to your site. And the number of links you get.

  1. Optimize your user experience and website structure

One factor used in calculating domain authority is your site’s user-friendliness and sstructure. With the right one, search engines can effortlessly crawl your web pages. And have them indexed on search results.

You can create a sitemap in WordPress to help search engine crawlers. The sitemap assists search engines with navigation across your site with ease and contains all your crucial pages. To improve your user experience, you need to begin by optimizing your content so that they can access it on any device.

Your site also needs to load quickly and be safe. To ensure this, you can get the SSL certificates and move your site to HTTPS. Or get security plugins that come with features such as a web application firewall.

  1. Backlinks

Again, look at the backlinks pointing to your site from other websites. And one way to do this is by using the available tools such as Moz, which looks at websites and their links to sort the bad ones out.

Note that low-quality links will significantly affect your domain authority, and getting rid of them is crucial.

  1. Create killer content

Lastly, another way to increase your Domain Authority is by creating killer content. And ensuring that it is link-worthy. If people find your content useful, they find it effortlessly to share with others. And this increases the possibility of getting backlinks from top websites.

Also, links from other sites help you boost your root domain, which helps to secure a high Domain Authority. You may choose to create multiple contents such as videos, articles, podcasts, infographics, slides, and more.

Begin by look at popular pages on your website so that you can create similar content.

  1. Checking your site’s Domain Authority

You may check website’s your Domain Authority by using MozBar, Moz’s Link Explorer, or the SERP Analysis section of Keyword Explorer.

Reasons your domain authority may change.

Since Domain authority encompasses various metrics and calculations, identifying the precise cause of the change can be daunting. If your score has gone down or up, several factors may have affected this.

These include:

  • You got links from places that do not contribute to Google rankings
  • The link to your profile has not yet gotten captured in the web index
  • Your website may be affected by a decrease in Domain Authority that happens across all websites. And this may be due to improvements and restructuring in the way Domain Authority gets calculated.
  • If your Domain Authority gest affected by scaling fluctuations
  • If the best-performing sites experience substantial link growth, affecting the scaling process

The key to understanding your Domain Authority fluctuations is identifying that every domain score is dependent on comparison to others across the Domain Authority scale. That means that even if a website improves in SEO, the authority score might reflect the same.

Final thoughts

One thing you need to understand is that you cannot control your website’s Domain Authority. But if you put the pieces together and work on it, your Domain Authority will increase significantly.

Also, improving your Domain Authority is something that will not happen overnight. For this reason, you need to have a long-term strategy that you employ plus the points discussed above to increase your Domain Authority score.


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