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A backlink refers to a link from another website to your website. That is when someone cites or references content from your website and then links back to your site for the complete information. There is an SEO concept that a backlink from an established website transfers authority and hence value to your website. So what are .edu backlinks? Edu backlinks are links from higher education sites such as universities and colleges. Just like .gov backlinks, .edu backlinks are very valuable in giving your website an SEO boost. You may be probably thinking, .edu backlinks are not practical for your site as there are no colleges in your area.

However, .edu backlinks are more than colleges and universities. Any institution with a .edu extension can be an online education program, seminary, vocational school, technological institute, trade school, continuing education facility, or conservancy. You only need to find an Edu backlink you have a connection with in regards to your website. For instance, a .edu backlink from a sports academy can focus on wellness, fitness, medicine, exercise, and sports.

When you take the time to research, it is easy to find a .edu backlink that matches your niche. When you earn one link or two, you are a step forward in building more backlink authority. And when you get a handful of powerful .edu backlinks, the results in terms of search rankings and traffic will be tremendous. Let us discuss in detail the positive effects of .edu backlinks.

Scholarly content is of high quality.

We live in a tech world where anyone can start a blog overnight. So what differentiates trustworthy blogs and not so trusted ones. Academic and scholarly sites scream of high-quality content; therefore, they are highly trustworthy. It is not about getting a backlink, it is about getting a relevant backlink. Google values .edu backlinks not because of the site names but the quality of content that these sites give.

.edu backlinks are older

One thing with aged domains is that they usually have multiple of their pages already listed on the google indexes over the last years they have been operational. According to research, the average span of a website is around three years. Many websites don’t live long enough to build the much-needed authority with Google and other search engines. The more a website lives, the more it builds a reputation with search engines. A good thing with .edu backlinks is that they have been on the web for many years; therefore, they have built a more valuable reputation and authority with Google. In SEO, the most powerful backlinks are from authority and trustworthy sites. So, when you get a .edu backlink, the value of your website continues to increase.

Build your authority

Edu links are valuable because they are authority websites. One thing with high authority domains is that they tend to reference their content within educational website pages, which boosts their domain and page authority. So, getting an Edu backlink also builds your website’s authority.

Nothing is good as building authority within your niche or being associated as a ‘know it all in your niche.’ Getting Edu backlinks is a great way to have some authority rub off on your website. The link is viewed as a vote of confidence by the search engine and users as well.

Edu backlinks are not created from link schemes.

As you may already know, in the post panda and post penguin era of SEO, Google cracks down on websites that use link schemes. Fortunately, it is difficult for spammers to employ link schemes in .edu websites. Educational websites have high standards and are well moderated with strict editorial guidelines. That explains why Edu websites are foreign to search engine penalties.

Stronger link equity

As earlier mentioned, a trustworthy site has more authority. Edu links pass more value to websites than links from newer and fresher websites. Having strong link equity means you have trusted and quality sites linking back to your website. .edu backlinks are the perfect way to achieve that.

Build referral traffic

Backlinks not only lead to search engine traffic, but a well-placed backlink from an authority site can direct a whole horde of traffic to your website. Edu backlinks offer you the value of a good click which you should never underestimate. They build you a lot of traffic that is easy to convert.

They are suitable for branding.

Links should be visible to the naked eye. If you are building links that are not visible to the naked eye, you should wait for your search engine penalty. You can use Edu backlinks for branding since the links are visible to the search engine and the users. Consumers trust established brands even if at one point they have done something that would lead to a negative reputation. In the modern world of SEO, it is more important to be aware of anchor text diversity.

Google doesn’t is not encouraging websites that use the same keyword-rich anchor text repeatedly. Therefore, branded anchor tags should be a part of your backlink profile. Even if a user doesn’t click on your brand name the first time they see it, the more they encounter it, the more they will be compelled to click. The moment they click on it, they visit your website, offering you the biggest branding opportunity. Your website is your best representation of your brand, and Edu backlinks are a great way to get people to view and trust your brand.

For relationship building

You are doing it all wrong if you are building links without building relationships. First, build a relationship within your niche, and you will see how easy link building is. For instance, if your goal is to achieve online visibility via social media, one way of doing that is to have a massive legitimate following on your social media handles. But, there is another way to gain followers besides that, and that is through getting backlinks. Link-building campaigns often lead to new relationships for users, which provides more benefits even outside of SEO. Relationship building ultimately boosts your visibility.

The bottom line

.edu backlinks are considered the most valuable as they come from authority and trusted websites. Because of their value to users, Google appreciates and ranks them high.


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